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Find all the latest releases, updates and bug fixes for the Sketch Mac App here. See what’s new and download older builds. It’s available to download from the App Store for free right now. We’ve introduced the option to automatically download and update Libraries as soon as.

Sketch 55 beta free download

Find all the latest releases, updates and bug fixes for the Sketch Mac App here. See what’s new and download older builds. It’s available to download from the App Store for free right now. We’ve introduced the option to automatically download and update Libraries as soon as.


See the future of Sketch! Download the latest Beta · Sketch


Select a column or row of layers, grab any of the handles that appear between them, then drag to adjust their spacing evenly. New in Sketch Thanks for your reports! New in Sketch 73 Improvements and Bug Fixes This update brings a whole host of small improvements and bug fixes, including the ability to move documents to and from Projects in the Documents window. Thanks for all your reports and feedback! This includes text appearing incorrectly aligned, not updating if you swapped between different components, or not appearing at all.

Thanks for all your reports! New in Sketch 72 Rendering and performance improvements This release includes a whole host of rendering and performance improvements. Lots of them are subtle, but they all add up to a better experience. If you uncheck this Insert Data at Random option, Data you insert will follow the order in its source file.

Nested data from a Linked Data source will appear inside a group when you add it to your canvas. It also fixes a crash that occurred if you enabled Libraries with embedded fonts. Read our documentation to see how Starred updates work. To get started, simply name layers in your document to match the keys in your JSON file.

If you were finding Sketch slow when using a plugin with a WebView, or you had a Library update notification that never disappeared, this update has got you covered. If you sent us feedback about these three, thank you! This release includes a handful of bug fixes and visual tweaks. If you sent in feedback about any of these — thank you! It brings together all of the Symbols, Text and Layer Styles, and Color Variables from your enabled Libraries, and displays them with beautiful, big previews that make browsing easy.

Simply press c on your keyboard to open it, start typing to search for the component you need, then drag and drop it onto your Canvas. You can find out more, discover and download Assistants in the new Assistants Directory , or read our documentation to see how they work.

This release contains fixes to the most common bugs and crashes you have reported. There are a lot of small changes here, but they all add up to a smoother, faster Sketch. It also ensures text layers render correctly whenever you view your documents on Cloud.

It also fixes an issue that could have prevented you from opening files in older versions of the app, if you had already opened them in Fuzzy search is here, which means you no longer have to type the exact name of a Component to find what you need. Introducing Tints With Tints, you can change the color of an entire Symbol or group, without relying on complex workarounds and multiple Layer Styles. Tints work best with single-color Symbols and groups that make use of multiple opacities, like icons or tabs in a menu.

New in Sketch 63 Faster Cloud uploads With this release, uploading documents to Cloud should become a lot faster and feel a lot smoother. More updates and improvements are coming in the next few weeks.

New Components Panel The new Components Panel and Components Popover bring Symbols, Text Styles and Layer Styles together in a single place where you can search, sort and filter for what you need, then drag and drop directly onto the Canvas. On macOS Simply select your text, enable the features you need, and unlock even better typography in Sketch. Variable fonts support Along with better OpenType features support, this update also brings support for variable font options like weight, width, slant, optical size and more.

With it, you can set a direction for Symbols to resize when you change their overrides, while keeping the spacing between different layers in that Symbol consistent. Better still, you can set different Smart Layout settings for Nested Symbols and even groups within Symbols. The best part is, it even works with Artboards, so you can keep your documents looking neat and tidy. Simply double-click on text in any Symbol instance and start typing.

Stay on the Canvas, stay in the moment and speed up your workflow. You can easily adjust the vertical spacing between rows of layers, as well as the horizontal spacing between each layer in a row. It quickly aligns a selection of multiple layers into a neat grid, making it even easier to create and manage complex layouts. Snapping Improvements Snapping has been much improved, including a new look for measurements and customizable guide colors. New in Sketch 53 Performance Major performance improvements when working with complex documents containing many prototyping flows.

Fill Popover All-new fill popover with improved features and collapsible sections. Overrides Overrides in Symbols can now be selected via the Layer List, and in the Canvas when the Symbol instance is selected.

Snapping Improvements Snapping has been much improved overall when moving or resizing layers. New in Sketch 52 UI Redesign Sketch now has a totally redesigned interface, improving usability and readability across the app. Improved Performance Sketch is now more responsive when editing complex documents, rendering the Canvas, and selecting Symbols with many overrides. Nested Boolean Operations Boolean Operations can now be applied to text layers, shapes with outlines, and Symbols.

Data You can now link layers to data sources on your Mac or use a custom plugin to create and generate text, images and other data in your documents. Improved Performance Editing complex documents, including those with many Symbols and overrides, is now faster and more responsive than before.

Sketch Cloud Files can now be downloaded from Sketch Cloud — when sharing with Sketch Cloud, the document itself is uploaded with its content. Symbol Scaling Symbol instances can now be scaled using the Scale command, independently from the Symbol master.

New in Sketch 47 Introducing Libraries Libraries allows you to share Symbols between documents, and other designers. Text Alignment Text layers can now be aligned vertically within their adjustable bounding box. Searchable Help Topics Relevant articles from our online support documentation are now shown in Help menu search results.

Presentation Mode Presentation mode has been redesigned to simply hide the UI and not go full screen it also now works with tabbed windows. Plugins Plugins now update automatically within Sketch. UI Improvements The color popover is now scrollable, plus the color picker can now be collapsed, allowing more room for presets.

Bug Fixes Fixes a variety of small issues. Artboards Redesigned Artboard picker, improved selection, plus a new option in the Inspector to tell an Artboard to adjust the size of its contents when resized. Vector Editing Rounded corners on vector paths have been improved tremendously, giving accurate radiuses on sharp angles.

Replace Missing Fonts You can now replace missing fonts in a document using the new option in the File menu. Bug Fixes Fixes a rare issue when opening documents, Artboard exporting and Mirror connectivity. Vector Editing While editing or creating shapes, additional handles related to the current selection are shown, offering more convenient editing.

Bug Fixes Over 40 changes, improvements and bug fixes. Export Presets You can now define Export presets, containing multiple scales and filetypes to be applied to slices and exportable layers with a single click.

Bug Fix Fixes a bug when copying and pasting Symbols with nested overrides. Bug Fixes Fixes a couple of rare crashes. Nested Overrides Symbol instances can now override their nested Symbols to any other Symbol with the same size.

Private Sharing You can now password-protect files shared via Sketch Cloud for extra privacy. Performance Updates Improves performance in documents which include Symbols with non-normal blend modes. Bug Fixes Fixes a few crashes and fixes some bugs in vector editing. Vector Editing Improvements have been made to the vector editor to edit multiple shapes at the same time.

Text Transform Non-destructive text transform allows you to easily convert text uppercase, or lowercase. Performance Updates Significant performance improvements selecting layers in complex documents, and applying large blurs. Bug Fixes A range of fixes have been applied to bugs discovered throughout the app.

Bug Fixes Fixes bugs when working at high zoom levels, minor symbol improvements and text rendering fixes. Symbol Resizing Symbols and Groups can now be configured to resize in a smarter way. Sketch Cloud Share your documents with the world with ease. Performance Updates Updates in the Canvas are much smoother and general performance has been improved as well.

Bug Fixes Fixes a crasher with complex Symbols, a security vulnerability in Mirror Web, and a bug where reordering pages could detach Symbols. Bug Fixes Performance and fixes bugs relating to background blur, layer selection, layout grids, and fixes for two crashers. Bug Fix Fixes a bug where shadows would not clip under transparent fills.

Better Undo Undo has been rewritten from the ground up to be faster and more reliable. Performance Updates Improved performance for things like background blur, scrolling, and caching.

Bug Fixes Improved performance for things like background blur, scrolling, and caching. Bug Fixes A fix for bug when printing Artboards, and a bug fix relating to detaching Symbol instances. Faster Exporting Greatly increases the speed of exporting images out of complex documents.

Bug Fixes Various bug fixes for Symbol migration, and fixes for two crashers. New Symbols Redesigned and more powerful than before. You can now nest symbols and set image and text overrides.

Manual Style Sync Shared Styles now no longer sync automatically, to help ensure there is less accidental edits. Performance Updates Improved performance on complex documents with many gradients, shadows, and blend modes.

Preservation of Missing Fonts Missing fonts will be preserved if a Sketch file containing them is opened on another machine.

Text Improvements A number of improvements that fixes baseline and line height issues with text layers. Performance Enhancements More power! Sketch is better at handling large, and complex documents. Improved Rendering Bug fixes and updates that helps redrawing and refreshing.


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