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Autodesk inventor 2018 vs solidworks free.CAD Review: Autodesk Inventor Vs Solidworks

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Compared to Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS has much more powerful solid feature options, allowing for much more complex geometries to be created. On the upside for Autodesk, the Inventor Professional subscription is around 80% cheaper than a Solidworks Premium perpetual licence with maintenance price.

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Whatever I need for 5 hrs. I need 12 top quality render images and short 60 second exploded assembly animation. The render images are required to be in. I have the texture images I would like used on the surfaces.

The product is designed in Solidworks but I can convert the files to many other file types. MKV please. I want the parts assembled onscreen until the product is complete and spins twice more showing open close features. I would like the model to be slowly spinning the entire time the parts are being added to the model. There are sub assemblies I want constructed off to the side of the main product with a lil zoom in to see it assembled then zoom back to home and add To develop a conceptional solid works model by the end of next week if possible.

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Autodesk inventor 2018 vs solidworks free


Having scrutinized the prototype, you can probably find a few more areas of improvement, so just modify the 3D model one more time. Autodesk used to offer their software with perpetual licenses, but these days they charge only a subscription fee. Either monthly, annually, or every three years. Why am I calling it a tie? Because I predict that in the next few years, Dassault Systems will offer the same pricing style as Autodesk with similar pricing. If I stretch this comparison out by another 6 years, the two numbers become much closer together:.

If we take it forward a few more years, Inventor will start to be the more expensive option. The Inventor and Solidworks UIs are very similar; both offer contextual right-click menus and have very comparable tools and commands.

You can model anything imaginable using either application. If I had the time and resources, I would host a head-to-head competition between several experienced Solidworks users and several Inventor users.

We could pit them against one another to see if either software is clearly faster and easier to use than the other. As the years go by, you might have one company out-do the other, but soon after that, the other would add that functionality to keep up.

I would say this one goes to Inventor, because Autodesk has such an extensive offering as far as CAD apps, and they tend to play well together. Maybe someone can comment down below as to why an Inventor file would need to be exported to Revit.

So overall, there is more compatibility between the different Autodesk platforms. Solidworks, I find, tend to be more stand-alone. I find the same rule applies in this category as the one above. Unless we get a bunch of competitors together to prove empirically that Solidworks can produce better renderings than Inventor or vice versa , then this is a tie.

Both applications can create photorealistic renderings of a very complex nature. I actually work for a construction company doing a lot of interior remodeling for residences.

Many different vendors sell products to us, and they all have their own literature and catalogs. Those magazines and catalogs feature their products in arty-looking scenes and buildings. It makes sense, after all. Why spend thousands of dollars building sets and taking pictures, when you can just make a 3D photorealistic picture? The little 3D shapes were suddenly this gorgeous and real-looking shiny teapot floating in a gray 3D space. These days, 3D has gotten a liiiiitle more sophisticated.

So now, instead of just making it look like a porcelain teapot, I can actually make it think like a porcelain teapot. That sounds weird, but let me explain. Solidworks and Inventor can be used to apply the physical properties of a material to a 3D shape.

Solidworks and Inventor both have extensive material libraries, and both can create customized materials. Simulations include stress tests, fall tests, impact tests, etc. It is impressive, really, what CAD can do these days. When you are running these simulations, you can run stress tests to see how well a part will hold up. If it is tougher than it needs to be, then maybe it is heavier than it needs to be.

There are some great tools in Solidworks and Inventor that can be used to trim away unnecessary segments of a part. Lowering weight and material costs is critical to manufacturers. So if the CAD program can figure these things out without needing to run real-world trials in a testing lab, then the development costs are drastically decreased. Overall, both Solidworks and Inventor are neck-and-neck in their ability to simulate forces and stresses. Solidworks and Inventor can put thousands of parts together into a single assembly.

You can quickly snap the pieces together, piece by piece, and tell the parts how to behave with one another. You can have a gear fit precisely into another gear, and then you can spin one gear with another. Necessarily, you can model an entire engine and watch it run exactly as it would in real life. As far as I can tell, both Inventor and Solidworks are mostly on par with one another when it comes to assemblies. I guess you could make the case that Solidworks seems to have a better social media presence with training videos on Youtube, etc.

I personally have never found a training series on YouTube that was as effective as an online curriculum or an in-person training class. I recommend Udemy or Lynda for basic training and more advanced training. Some of the parts include:.

Of course, you may be smart and intelligent enough to play both roles. If so, good on ya! After you have a decent enough plan in place, you can open your app and start modeling each individual piece. Apply materials to the parts and color them, if you like, for added effect.

Next, open up your assembly and fit the pieces together. How resistant is this material to twisting, being sat on, or chucked in the back seat of your car after a workout?

All these things can be tested with the simulation tools in Solidworks or Inventor. So you can start researching different types of plastic to make it more durable. Now you can take the latest 3D model to the right manufacturer, and they can produce your parts using the data in your model.

In the end, it will just be a matter of your personal preference. Inventor, even after 12 years, would be less expensive than Solidworks Premium. It is compatible with all the other apps that Autodesk offers, which might be useful in the professional arena with all the other Autodesk programs running around.

The day trials are ready for download. He has extensive knowledge of almost all the top CAD software available on the market these days.

From simple tasks to developing a professional CAD drawing, he can do everything. SolidWorks vs Inventor. I learned today that I will be going to a SolidWorks 4 day course for free.

Our company will receive a 30 day full working demo. Then I must compare Inventor vs SolidWorks. Yesterday I gave the engineers a presentation of Inventor and they were quite impressed with Inventor’s capabilities. We were shown a demo of SolidWorks 2 weeks ago and this impressed them very much. Now our design firm is considering switching to SolidWorks. Unfortunately I feel I haven’t mastered Inventor to fully show its capabilities.

The pressure is on to do my homework. I should note that our company is experiencing down time at the moment as there is not much design work therefore we haven’t fully implemented Inventor into an actual project. Message 2 of SolidWorks has a feature where a bolt for example automatically mates to its threaded hole of a part in an assembly. If the threaded hole is modified to a different size the bolt automatically updates accordingly.

Does Inventor have this feature? Thanks Mark. Message 3 of Where are you going to get near instant help? For most users I suspect that the programs are nearly identical in functionality. The other SoftWare is way ahead in some respects I especially like their surface tools and E-Drawings. I think the decision should probably come down to where the user will get help.

Therefore the comparison of the software is not as important at least in my opinion, as they are essentially the same for most common functions as the competency and availability of help from your VAR or other resources. Message 4 of Message 5 of I have no down time with Inventor.

I help out here because my work goes so fast in Inventor that if I don’t pace myself to slow down, I will be out of work. Bob S. This give all you time to make web sites and be in this room to help. Now solidworks has very little down time so they can not help as much. Message 6 of The support SW offers was fantastic. Everytime I had questions I had phone support from the re-seller or they visited us on site to help. Something I miss. I will say, you will not find better online user help as I have had using IV, simply unmatched.

The decision comes down to putting the 2 thru in house tests on real jobs to see which you prefer. Message 7 of Interesting – duffield, can you tell me whether SW allows the recording of a macro?

That’s about the only thing I would switch products for. I am anxiously waiting to see if IV9 includes this capability. Message 8 of Yes “nashville” wrote in message news Message 9 of I’m with duffield here.

I used SW for 4 years and have great response from users on the comp. Also my VAR was never more than a phone call away. However I have also had similar success with this DG.

Don’t know about the VAR yet Alan M. Etzkorn Nixon Tool Co. Message 10 of Mark, This feature your talking about was leveraged from MDT. It looks very slick in SW, but, in creating those hole and fastener connections between plates creates whats called “an incontext edit” between parts.

In Inventor we call it Adaptivity, and we can turn it off at any time. You dont have that option in SW. Basically, the 2 plates that are mated together with the fasteners are “Mated for life”. SW says you can break the link and life goes on. During training, ask the instructor how to break those links in a couple of clicks and watch him fumble with it for 10 minutes and tell you when he’s through “I think thats all there is to it”. Its a neat demo trick, but not very efficient.

IF you like to use a lot of common parts that tool is not the way to go. Tell you managers that the “oohs and aahs” from had from the demo quickly turn to groans and grips soon after. Another thing I noticed in the demo and training I recently had was that the weldment feature in SW looks very impressive, and for the most part it is, but it is not as mature as Inventors weld features.

Cosmetic welds are still cosmetic welds, but if you use the bead feature SW creates a bead solid model that the file uses. Also place some holes near an edge that will get a weld bead.


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